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For IT companies, Office and Home

Housekeeping Services in chennai

We Acare, Give more important to our customer’s satisfaction and make them to concentrate on their business work and organizational Growth. We take care of all the housekeeping And cleaning work for your organization and Home. And make you comfortable, and concentrate on Our customers and Family and To grow their organization or family bonding and create a peaceful environment around them. 

Housekeeping Services in Chennai

Revitalize Your Space with Expert Housekeeping Services in Chennai - Transform Your Environment Today!

Housekeeping services for IT companies

We offer a range of specialized housekeeping services in Chennai tailored specifically for IT companies, ensuring a clean, productive, and conducive environment. Here are some of the services we provide

Housekeeping services for Factories and Offices

As a housekeeping company serving both factories and offices, we offer a range of services designed to meet the specific needs of these environments. Our goal is to ensure Clean and safety

Housekeeping Services Individual Villas.

As a housekeeping company specializing in individual villas, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean and comfortable living environment for homeowners. We offer a range of housekeeping services in Chennai tailored for Villas.

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We will give you the top-notch cleaning solution for your organization and Home, Which create a peaceful working environment.

In this hectic world, we Do not have much more time to give concentration on housekeeping and Cleaning work in both Organizations and Home.

Housekeeping is one of the most important management oriented, which is useful to take care of cleaning and maintain the properties, institution, organization, and home. So, Please choose Best House Keeping Services for better outcome.

Housekeeping Services in Chennai
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Corporate Housekeeping Services in chennai

Our Services

With more than 15 years of experience in the housekeeping and cleaning industry, we are known as the market leader, With best technology and equipment for cleaning service and make the environment more tidy.

Housekeeping Services in Chennai
Office Cleaning

Office Work space are he most important for a Corporate Organization, We do best Cleaning services for Office Work Places which included Carpets, Furniture’s, Computers & other gadgets and more with hi-tech equipment’s and Skilled Workers. 

Housekeeping Services in Chennai
Restroom Sanitation

Restroom are the Place where may people will be using it Commonly. So, There are more chances for Infections and Spreading Disease. We are having top quality disinfectants and Equipment’s for restroom and Bathroom area in Corporates and Home.

Housekeeping Services in Chennai
Waste Management

Waste Management is more important in an Organization or Institutes. Because Removing waste will make the environment Neat and Approachable. In waste Management it includes Hazardous Waste Handling, Composting, Effluent Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant.

Housekeeping Services in Chennai
Floor Care

We are having Pressure washing, Vacuum cleaner, Floor polishing machine, Auto floor Scrubber. We are having best cleaning Liquids and disinfections. We are using having best House keepers who will be cleaning the floors before opening the the office or institutes and we will be recording daily cleaning information for better environment.  

Housekeeping Services in Vyasarpadi Chennai
Common Area Maintenance

Common area where all the people will be gathering in a single area it might be , Meeting auditorium, Common Dinning, Learning area, Play area and More. According to the people gathering before and after all the places will be cleaned property with mops, Vacuum Cleaner, and Sanitizers for germ free environment.

Housekeeping Services in Chennai
Pantry and Breakroom Cleaning

Pantry and Breakroom are the places where people gather for having Rest, Sleep refreshments like food, Snacks and Drinks. So people Movement will be more, Always these places will be engaged with people. According to the situation our Housekeepers will be available all the day and actively working.

Office Housekeeping Services in chennai

We Keep everything clean

we are dedicated to providing excellent office housekeeping services, including maintaining the cleanliness of your office toilet. Our trained professionals use industry-standard cleaning practices, eco-friendly products, and follow stringent hygiene protocols to ensure the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation

A clean and well-kept restroom enhances the overall user experience for your employees and visitors. It creates a positive impression of your company.we believe that a clean workplace extends beyond just the common areas and individual workstations.

Professional Staff

All the Housekeepers are having at least 7 years of experience and well trained according to Industry and Corporate Structure. And most of the people can speak Multiple Language. So, there will be less communication barrier. And they are more productive in the organization and help the organization for their growth.


We are having ISO certification and all the works will be done in a Protocol. So we will give assurance all the housekeeping services will be done with Top Notch quality and Tidy. We are known as the pioneer in this field with 1000 plus happy clients from various Industries. We have won multiple Awards every years for our Services.

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What our customers say

To create a clean and tidy environment. And to create an healthy Lifestyle for the people.

All the Customers are happy with our Housekeeping Services, And everyone have shared that we are contributing a lot for there industrial growth. Our Integrated working method will has been created Clean Environment.  We are giving different treatment and Cleaning Methods for different part of the organizations and Institutes. So our Customers are feeling free without any stress for Housekeeping And Cleaning Process

I felt happy for Clean Environment with good smell in my office. And Acare Housekeeping Services in Chennai are doing a great job in Cleaning and Housekeeping services.
Top Notch Housekeeping Services

How housekeeping services will be more helpful for Chennai City?

As we had discussed, Everybody runs and busy lifestyle, so they are not able to give more importance to housekeeping and cleaning For workspace and home. So that it is creating a dirty environment and it is also affecting the mindset of the people living and working there, Acare Housekeeping Services in Chennai We have been doing our housekeeping services for more than 15 years in Chennai city, so we know what kind of housekeeping service will be suitable for your Organization and your home.

If you choose a housekeeping services in Chennai city, you will be able to see more benefits. Such as, they will have high-tech equipment for cleaning methods so that they can be able to create a clean and tidy environment. Within a short period, it will Instantly reduce the burden regarding housekeeping and cleanliness. And you can be able to see a dusty free environment. It will be more helpful for people who are allergic to dusty conditions.

So try to choose and best housekeeping services in Chennai, which will be more helpful for your home and Organization to Create a neat and Vibrant atmosphere. Additionally, leave all the housekeeping team to give more inputs regarding maintaining your home organization, which will be more useful for you to Maintain your properties and your Working hour, and a living area with more cleanliness.

Create a Vibrant atmosphere using our Housekeeping Services in Chennai

What are the advantages of choosing a housekeeping services in chennai?


– Firstly, you can get professional solutions for creating a neat environment.
– All the housekeeping work will be ten quickly with the best Output.
– All the housekeepers will be using different kinds of solutions and equipment for Every part Of the Organization and home.
– You can be able to clean the Dust from every corner.
– Regular cleaning and sanitization will be increased environmental health. And people working and living will be away from allergies, Breathing troubles, and dust mites.
– It will consume only less time, and You can get housekeeping services at your feasible time, In a week.
– But by creating a neat environment, you can get a stress-free lifestyle.


About ACare housekeeping services chennai

What kind of industries and environments are we giving housekeeping services to?​

Chennai city is one of the heads for many industries and IT Organizations. Moreover, it has nearly Millions of people living in Chennai and the outer specs of Chennai. To create a healthy and neat environment, we are giving our services the all the places and we extended our services for

Housekeeping services in Chennai for Manufacturing sector

– Housekeeping services in Chennai for IT sector

Housekeeping services in Chennai for Service sector

– Housekeeping services in Chennai for Warehouse

– Housekeeping services in Chennai for Hospitals

– Housekeeping services in Chennai for Amusement parks and tourist villas

– Housekeeping services in Chennai for Star hotels

– Housekeeping services in Chennai for Educational institutes Such as schools and colleges.

– Housekeeping services in Chennai for Banking sector

– Housekeeping services in Chennai for Residential area

– Housekeeping services in Chennai for Individual Bungalow and houses

– And more.

Housekeeping Services in Velachery Chennai

Information about our housekeepers:

  • Most housekeepers we select for our Organization have nearly seven years of working experience in housekeeping and cleaning services In various industry backgrounds.
  • All the housekeeping crews Will be given Soft skills and industrial training. They will be Upskilled according to the industry standards, and they will be giving more productivity in their working places.
  • Mostly our housekeepers they are multi-language skilled to Build a conversation with People from different parts of India. In case you have workers from different parts of India, there will be no language barrier if there is any kind of housekeeping work going on From our side.
  • They will be giving reports regarding the work and the working condition to our operational team so that We will guide them on what to do to improve the environment.
  • By choosing Acare housekeeping services, All the residential areas and organizations will enjoy more benefits, so try to contact us as soon as possible for the best housekeeping services in Chennai.
ISO Certified Housekeeping Services

ISO certified Service provider:

Acare Housekeeping services in Chennai, We are giving our best housekeeping services With an integrator working method Using high tech equipment. We are known as one of the Chennai’s best ISO Certified Housekeeping service providers. And we are following all the ISO regulations and improving our self-day to day to give the best housekeeping services for our customers.

And we will be giving assurance that all the services which we are doing Will be given with a guarantee. And 99 percentage all the work will be flawless with high Customer satisfaction. So Choosing Acare housekeeping service in Chennai will be the best option for any organization and residential area.